Welcome to the South West Agility Show processing website, which is designed to provide a show processing facility for Agility Clubs and Agility Show organisers and to accept online agility show entries and provide show information



The above website will be closing soon and we will not be processing any further shows.
A large number of people have money in their SWAP accounts which needs to be returned.
There are 3 options available to return this money.
1. If you have an Agility Plaza account the money can be transferred to this account automatically, for this we would require your Agility Plaza payment reference code and your SWAP code.
2. You can have the money transferred to your own bank account in which case we will require your SWAP code, bank account name, your sort code and account number.
3. We can make a donation to the agility charity "Forever Agility" which supports agility people in need, the donation would be to support previous donations in memory of Clive Hildersley who was one of the original founders of SWAP.
Account holders with a positive monetary balance should have received an email from us already but if you think you have money in your account and have not had an email from us or you cannot remember your login to check your balance please contact us at admin@swap-live.com.
We would appreciate your response to this request as soon as possible.
Kind regards……..SWAP Team