Frequently Asked Questions


Will it cost me anything to register with SWAP?

No registering is free


How do I register with SWAP?

On the home page click on create a new account, fill out the required details and submit the information. You will then be sent a confirmation email requiring you to follow a link to activate your account ( check you spam box if link does not appear in your in box)This email will also give you a Username and confirm your password. Your username is unique and must be used in all correspondence and must be quoted on all payments to SWAP


More than one person in my household wants to register?

You can do this and you can have the same email address, but please note if you take this option it will generate a return envelope for each user in the household at £1:00 each. Each person registered will still have a unique username.  For instance if a husband and wife at the same address want to register separately it will cost you 2x £1:00 for 2 return envelopes, so by registering all dogs on one account and just changing handler when you enter the dogs  it will save you money and running orders for both handlers will arrive in the same envelope



How do I add dogs to my registration?

Login to your account, click on the green add dogs button at the bottom of your home page by "My dogs"

        Registered keepers

If you are not the registered owner of a dog linked to your account then please provide the full name and address of the registered owner of this dog: by using the Amend dog details (Pencil) button on your account page.

Also we now have Default handler option for a dog so when entering in show it will auto select handler to that person


How do I remove dogs from my registration?

Login to your account, click on the red cross next to the dogs name at the bottom of your home page by "My dogs". This will archive the dogs details


How do I enter a dog for a show once I have registered?

Login to your account, go to "available shows" select the show you wish to enter, a list of classes will be displayed and a list of the dogs you have registered is displayed across the top.

There will be a box under each dogs name with the classes for which it is eligible.

If you wish to enter a particular class you must tick the box or alternatively click the enter all button which will enter your dog for all classes that it is eligible for. If the account holder is not going to be the handler click on the word handler and insert the name of the new handler.


How can I pay for my entries?

We currently accept 2 forms of payment either :-

By Direct Bank Transfer to our account
Sort Code 09-01-28 A/C Number 48302327



Please make cheques payable to SWAP.

Payment for entries is required by the closing date of the show, however, if payment by cheque is chosen then, it must be RECEIVED within 3 working days of close of entry, please note that by entering this show you have agreed to pay for your entry, and if you wish to cancel you must do this before entries close. Non payment will not be accepted as a form of cancellation and if entries are not cancelled before the closing date you will remain liable for the admin fee and may be reported to the Kennel Club. Similarly if any cheques presented are returned by the issuing bank as unpaid, those entries may also be cancelled, and reported to the Kennel Club, they may also be subject to an administration charge. It is recommended that if you intend to enter a show near to the closing date that payment is made by direct bank transfer to ensure payment is received in time. SWAP accepts no responsibility for any delays caused by the postal system.


How do I cancel an entry for a particular class?

Go to my account and click on the show name,then on the red cross against the class in your upcoming entries on your account page.


How do I obtain a refund for a cancelled entry or amended entry (that necessitates a refund) prior to the closing date of the show?

If you wish to alter (requiring a refund) or cancel your entry prior to the closing date of the show a refund may be obtained by emailing Alternatively you may leave the money in your account which may be put towards future entries. When you log, in your current balance will be shown. Please note any bank deposits you make to your account may take a day or so to appear on the SWAP account.


Can I obtain a refund after the closing date?

After the closing date of the show no refunds of any administration or postal charges will be made and refunds of entry fees will only be made if authorised by the organising society.


How do I alter the grade of a dog I have registered?

Email SWAP admin by using the contact button on the home page giving us your dogs details and the changes required and we will alter the grade for you.


How do I alter the grade of a dog I have entered in a show before entries close?

Email SWAP admin by using the contact button on the home page giving us your dogs details and the changes required and we will alter the grade for you. Please note that this will not automatically change the classes, if the grade change neccessitates class changes this may be done by deleting the old class, then re entering the new class.


How do I change the grade of a dog after entries have closed but before the qualifying date?

Email SWAP admin by using the contact button on the home page giving us your dogs details and the changes required and we will alter the grade and classes for you.


Do I have to enclose a stamped addressed envelope for SWAP to return my running orders etc?



Does it cost me anything to use SWAP to enter shows?

For each registered user entry per show (irrespective of the number of dogs entered) an administration fee of 50p with be made in addition to a charge for return postage of ring cards etc. which is currently £1:00(No S.A.E's need to be submitted)


What happens if a show is cancelled?

Refunds will be made in line with and at the sole discretion of the organising society.
Please email us if you wish to claim any refund due, and these will be credited directly to your SWAP account when the society has authorised the refund and calculated the amount due.


I am having difficulties registering or adding dogs to my account?

Please use the contact button at the top of the web page.


How long will it take for my account to show money I have paid in?

It may take up to 3 days, perhaps longer if we are away at a show, and do not have access to the internet.


What are the benefits of using SWAP?

There are many advantages to using our service which is quicker and more convenient than sending paper entries in.
Once you have registered your dogs details you do not need to re enter them, entering shows is then just clicking buttons so no more endless filling in of forms and no more searching for your dogs registration details
No more searching for schedules.
No more wondering "Have they received my entry?"
No more searching for classes your dog is eligible for, the system will tell you, if you want to enter your dog in a class just click on the button.
No more sending self addressed envelopes.