Show info 2019

 Date Show Closing Date 25 days Schedule Ring Plan Directions 
17/11/2019 Cornwall AC Match Closed   Schedule Ring Plan Map
01/12/2019 Lapford League December Closed   Schedule Ring Plan Map
08/12/2019 Roseland DTC winter league (Dec) 15/11/2019   Schedule Ring Plan Map
19/01/2020 Roseland DTC winter league (Jan) 27/12/2019   Schedule   Map
26/01/2020 Lapford League (January) 01/01/2020   Schedule   Map
22/02/2020 Lapford League (February)     Schedule   Map
01/03/2020 Roseland DTC winter league (March)     Schedule   Map
22/03/2020 Cornwall AC Spring match     Schedule   Map


* Wins before this date may change your grade. Grade changes must be notified no later than 14 days before the show